White Wines - 750ml

Droughin Vaillons 2009- Chablis (France)
Quite mouth filling with a long finish 65

Antinori Bianco- Blend (Italy)
If you like Pinot Grigio you will like this. 38

Villa Maria Private Bin- Sauvignon Blanc (New Zealand)
Full flavoured, ripe, black current-edged palate. 40

Mission Hill Vineyard- Sauvignon Blanc (Canada)
A hint of mandarin, accentuates a clean finish. 40

Rolf Binder Highness - Riesling (Australia)
Tasty wine with easy fruity flavours. 41

Cloudy Bay-Chardonnay (New Zealand)
Full bodied and generous but still balanced by crisp acidity. 67

Guigal Cotes du Rhone Blanc 2009- Blend ( France)
Fresh honey notes with some tropical fruit. 41

Peter Lehman Weighbridge-Chardonnay (South Africa)
Soft fruit giving a middle palate. 38

Bridlewood- Viognier( USA)
Dry wine with floral overtones and honey suckle. 43 .

Selak Premium- Sauvignon Blanc(New Zealand))
Highlights its freshness, firm structure, and excellent persistence. 39

Peter Lehman Weighbridge-Chardonnay(Australia)
Soft fruit giving a middle palate. 38

D' Arenberg..The Stump Jump- Blend(Australia)
A crisp , refershing,dry, fruit-filled wine. 38

Rymill Coonawarra- Sauvignoon Blanc (Australlia)
Lovely fruit flavours show on the palate. 39

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Red Wines 750ml

Guigal Gigondas - Grenache/mourvedre (France)
Full bodied, with stunning purity and a long finish. 60

Trapiche Broquet- Malbec (Argentina)
This is one superb malbec. 39

Montes Alpha- Cabernet Sauvignon (Chile)
Well balanced with a remarkable finish. 52

1865- Syrah (Chile)
Great structure with lots of fruit balance! 49

1865- Syrah(Chile)
Great structure with lots of fruit balance 49

Killalanoon Killermans Run- Shiraz(Australia)
Lots of fruit, and ripw velvety structure beneath it. 48

Broken Wood – Sangiovese (Australlia)
A well balanced fruit driven Sangiovese. 54

Peter Lehman Weighbridge – Shiraz( South Africa)
This wine has a rich, juicy and intense palate. 45

7 Deadly Zins- Zinfandel(USA)
Corpulent flavours and abundant berry fruit. 49

Chateau La Garde 2005- Cabernet/Merlot(France)
The palate is very firmly composed, that creates a velvety finish. 60

Capcanes Costers del Gravet- Cabernet, Gernache(Spain)
Supple and inviting, full flavoured wine. 56

Los 800- Garnacha blend(Spain)
Excellent introduction to the Priorat region. 47

Greenhough- Pinot Noir(New Zealand)
Near perfect Pinot Noir 53

Drouhin Brouilly- Beaujolais(France)
Pleasant note of wildberries. 36

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House Red Wines

The Wold Trap- Syrah Mourvdere(Sout Africa)
$8/glass $36/750 ml or $20 1/2 bottle

Sterling Vintner's Collection- Cabernet Sauvignon- (California USA)
$8/glass or $36/750ml or $20/ 1/2 bottle

SSanta Rita 120 Merlot(Chile)
$7/glass or $34/750ml or $19/ 1/2 bottle

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House White Wine

Inniskillin- Chardonnay(Canada)
$8/glass or $36/750ml or $20 1/2 bottle

Wine of Good Hope- Chenin Blanc(South Africa)
$8/glass or $36/750ml or $20 1/2 bottle

Errazuriz-Sauvignon Blanc(Chile)
$8/glass or $36/750ml or $20 1/2 bottle

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Newfoundland Berry Wines

Rodiques( ask server)

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Speciality Martinis and Coffees

see menu at restaurant-$8

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Spirits (shots or mixed)

Highland Park, Hennessy or Bruichladdich $10.00 Wisers $5.00

Bombay Saphire, or Gordonís $5.00

Tanquary Gin $5.50

Havana Club Rum $5.50

Tullamore Dew Irish Whiskey $6.00

Newfoundland Screech $5.00

Famous Grouse Finest Scotch Whiskey $6.00

Newfoundland Iceberg Vodka Ė Rated #2 in the World $5.00

Baileyís Irish Cream $5.00 Bristol Cream $6.00

Barcardi White or Amber, Captain Morganís Dark Rum $4.50

Bakeapple/ Chicoutai liqueur $7.00

Grand Marnier liqueur $7.00

Kahlua $5.00

Drambuie $7.00

Triple sec liqueur $5.00

Tia Maria $5.00

Cointreau $5.00

Galliano $5.00

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Newmanís Port $6.50

Taylorís Port $9.00

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Sparkling Wines and Champagne

Penfoldís Seaview Brut 2000(Australia) $35/750 ml bottle

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