White Wines - 750ml

Joseph Drouhin - Saint Véran (France)
Lemony fruit with a hint of pears and figs. - $48

Mezzacorrona Pinot Grigio (Italy)
A fine crisp wine with floral aromas as well as spicy nuances. - $33

Toasted Head Chardonnay (California)
Aromas of apricot and vanilla, flavors of tropical fruit and a slight spiciness, layered with toasted oak. - $38

Oyster Bay Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc (NewZealand)
It’s crisp with lots of tangy herbaceous lime flavour. - $39

Leeuwin Art Series Sauvignon Blanc semillon (Australia)
The palate though fresh and zesty has underlying basis of cool climate berry fruits. - $49

Masi Soave (Italy)
Light apple and lemon aromas and flavours with a slight nutty finish. - $33

McWilliams Hanwood Chardonnay (Australia)
This Chardonnay is the perfect partner to food. - $36

Inniskillin Reisling (Canada)
Sweet and full bodied with flavours of lemon, lime and candied apricot. - $33

Masi Soave (Italy)
Light apple and lemon aromas and flavours with a slight nutty finish - $33

McWilliams Hanwood Chardonnay(Australia)
This Chardonnay is perfect parnter to food - $36

Sumac Gewurztraminer (Canada)
A lush, spicy nose and full grapefruit flavours followed by a long full finish.

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Naked Grape Chardonnay(Canada)
Crisp, rich, tropical fruit citrus and pear flavour - $31

Golden Kaan Sauvignon Blanc(South Africa)
A lively wine with fresh tropical flavours - $31

Red Wines 750ml

Gnarly Head Zinfandel (Australia)
Hints of oak which creates layers of plum, pepper, cola and chocolate. $40

Ravenswood- Vinters Blend- Zinfandel -1999 (California, USA)
A well structured Zinfandel with charming, youthful fruit character. $44

Mad Dog and Englishmen Shiraz/Cabernet/Monastrell (Spain)
Berry flavours with peppery notes giving a soft round mouth feel. $35

Kilikanoon The Lackey Shiraz (Australia)
Lackey means hard working yet lowly paid. This delivers on all fronts. $39

Carmen Classic Merlot (Chile)
On the palate appears red fruits and coffee with soft tannins and lingering finish. $39

McWilliams Hanwood Cabernet (Australia)
A Rich and fruit driven with herbaceous green bean and berry fruit flavours. $35

Georges Duboeuf - Beaujolais- Villages 2000 (France)
Young, fruity and easy to drink. $36

Inniskillin Pinot Noir (Canada)
Rich red fruit flavours characterize the palate of this smooth bodied wine. $35

Grant Burge Holy Trinity (Australia)
The palate is complex with soft, round savory and spicy characters. $60

Masi Valpolicella Aligheri (italy)
Full, juicy, and bright in flavour. Aged in Cherry wood barrels. $39

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D'Arenberg-Mcleren Vale-Grenache (Australia)
Excellent beautiful structure supporting concerntrated black currant and berry flavours. $46

House Red Wines

Rawsons Retreat Merlot (Australlia)
$7.50/glass $33.00/750 ml or $17.00 1/2 bottle

Casa Diablo Cabernet(Chile)
$7.00/glass or $32.00/750ml or $17.00/ 1/2 bottle

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House White Wine

Naked Grape Chardonnay (Canada)
$7.00/glass or $32.00/750ml or $17.00 1/2 bottle

Golden Kaan Sauvignon Blanc ( South Africa)
$7.50/glass or $33.00/750ml or $17.00 1/2 bottle

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Newfoundland Berry Wines

Rodiques( ask server)

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Speciality Martinis and Coffees

see menu at restaurant-$7.75

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Spirits (shots or mixed)

Highland Park, Hennessy or Bruichladdich $10.00 Wisers $5.00

Bombay Saphire, or Gordon’s $5.00

Tanquary Gin $5.50

Havana Club Rum $5.50

Tullamore Dew Irish Whiskey $6.00

Newfoundland Screech $5.00

Famous Grouse Finest Scotch Whiskey $6.00

Newfoundland Iceberg Vodka – Rated #2 in the World $5.00

Bailey’s Irish Cream $5.00 Bristol Cream $6.00

Barcardi White or Amber, Captain Morgan’s Dark Rum $4.50

Bakeapple/ Chicoutai liqueur $7.00

Grand Marnier liqueur $7.00

Kahlua $5.00

Drambuie $7.00

Triple sec liqueur $5.00

Tia Maria $5.00

Cointreau $5.00

Galliano $5.00

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Newman’s Port $6.50

Taylor’s Port $9.00

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Sparkling Wines and Champagne

Penfold’s Seaview Brut 2000(Australia) $35/750 ml bottle

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